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Kings Crest is an Award Winning gourmet E-liquid manufacturer and distributor based out of South Florida, USA. King's Crest is our first line of premium E-liquid comprised of 6 complex flavors. We have put our heart and soul into these juices and for you this means a delicious, high quality flavor whether you are new to vaping or a seasoned vet.

Cream Team
A collection of decadent dessert flavors including Cinnaroll: A delicious cinnamon paired with a decadent vanilla cream pastry to give the perfect sweet tooth killer. Buttercream: A deliciously thick buttercream that leaves you wanting more. Neapolitan: A delicious rendition of the trifectas of Ice Cream. Delicious Vanilla, Decadent Chocolate and Delicate Strawberry Ice Cream flavors come together in this perfect sweet tooth killer juice.
Duchess Collection
Duchess is the Winner of Vape Summit’s 2014 Best in Show -- a decadent, creamy tres leches cake. Duchess Reserve, winner of best cream and custards, is the same creamy tres leches cake, now with marshmallows and butterscotch candy bits! Strawberry Duchess is the same creamy tres leches cake, now with strawberry!
Don Juan Collection
Don Juan is a sweet, savory, fresh-baked butter pecan pie. Don Juan Reserve is the classic butter pecan pie flavor with a graham cracker crusted chocolate butter pecan pie, topped with a dollop of sweet whipped cream.
The Reserves
This Reserve Collection was created to enhance the Classic line. Adding new complex flavors to Duchess and Don Juan you'll find new experiences hidden deep inside each inhale.
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